Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Truth about Credit Scores

Your credit score can mean the difference between securing a historic low interest rate on a loan and being stuck in a higher tier. Great credit scores are the result of one thing—a stellar credit history.

More than 18% of consumers have near perfect FICO scores (800-850).* While it may seem difficult to reach this level, especially for the 15% of consumers in the lowest FICO range
(300-549), it’s not impossible. The information I’m sending this month details the steps to take to begin improving your credit now. Page one gives the facts about credit, including the information that comprises your credit score. Page two offers three tips that will help you to improve your credit.

Share this information with family and friends who wish to improve or protect their credit.

It’s a good life!

Mark W. Adams
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Team Recommendations of Places to Visit in Richmond

Team Recommendations

Richmond has a rich history of over 400 years. Magnificent architecture, monument-lined cobblestone streets, world-class museums, great food and shopping – for an experience that’s anything but ho-hum. Here, under Team Recommendations, you'll find all our favorite shops, restaurants, parks and more; things we enjoy and think you will, too. Since Richmond is so centrally located, we've also included day trips that we think you'll like. If you're new to blogging, scroll to the end of the page, click on a label category and it will take you to other great recommendations in the same category.